I did a lot of thinking about the caricature! It's a bit difficult because I want it to be perfect! But I think the next caricatures will be much easier, because now I know what details I have to tell you to know my idea of the picture!
Attached you can find some photos I was cutting-out in photoshop!
I really think that the first caricature you mailed me was nearly perfect! But because you live in a different country, far away, the pictures gives a bit to much holiday feelings I think! For example, I don't like the palm tree! Or the houses on the left side of the picture! The flowers in the hair of the girl and the child doesn't match my idea to!
Please make the pictures without the headdress of the baby! I kind of changed your caricature! I deleted the details I don't like and copied the faces of the two persons onto your caricature!
The stone on which the two are standing is really cool, the island left and right too! On the top of the pictures I would like you make blue sky with some little clouds (not too much) and maybe the sun on the right side of the picture!
Maybe you can make the background first an then mail me so I could tell you if it fits to my idea or not!?
On the picture attached you can see two other pictures! Maybe you can dress the persons on the caricature like this! Because this gives more details to the persons because this is how they really are in life!
I really like the position of the hands on your caricature too! The peace-symbol and the hand of the baby looks really good!
On your second caricature you mailed me you have accented the chin of both persons a bit too much I think! I hope you know what I mean! My English is not very good I think!
Hope to hear from you soon! I you have any questions feel free to ask me!
Many many thanks! Bye